The Teleporters Initiative

Get the Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Get Paid

The Teleporter's Initiative includes access to our internal training materials, on-going discussions about inbound marketing strategies, and the opportunity to engage directly with companies looking to hire digital talent.

What You’ll Learn

Simply put — How to be a badass digital marketer. You will get hands on experience working with the latest technologies and running real marketing campaigns that generate real business and revenue. You will get to work one on one with industry experts as well as on group projects with peers of varying experience levels.

What You’ll Come Away With

You will come away with the ability to land a job in an entry-level to intermediate position within digital marketing. Better yet, if you work your way through all the Teleporters lessons, we’ll bring the hiring managers and job opportunities to you.

Leigh McKenzie smiling

Leigh McKenzie

I studied digital marketing at Temple University but IFTF’s Teleporters Initiative is what really took my skills to the next level. All of the resources and available support allowed me to start running real marketing campaigns with actual clients.

After interning for almost half a year, I was more than happy to accept a full-time position as an IFTF team member.

I’d definitely recommend joining for anyone who aspires to become a better digital marketer!

Maura Lieberman smiling

Maura Lieberman

Coming from a background in journalism and writing, I never really focused on the importance (or should I say, necessity) of SEO.  My work as a content strategist and SEO apprentice after college taught me not only how to be a better writer but how to be a better researcher, analyzer, reporter, promoter, and manager.

Entering a highly competitive field encouraged me to continuously keep up with blogs, books, and websites in the digital marketing industry, and I can say, I’ve never been more satisfied with a job or with the experience.

I am beyond thrilled to have started off as a part-time independent contractor to a full-time salaried part of the team.

Kyle Morley of I'm From The Future


The Teleporters Initiative has had a tremendous impact on the growth of my skills in the digital marketing field and also as a person.

My experience in this industry has been surprisingly difficult, often times frustrating and, above all else, amazingly satisfying.

If given the chance, there is not a single thing I would change.