Introducing Sentinel – Keyword Intelligence & Opportunity Tool

A few years ago, frustrated by what I saw within the SEO industry being represented as keyword research – I developed a process.

The goal was to take all of the data I used while doing my own key term research and get it all into one dataset to drive actionable decisions.

And so the keyword matrix was born.


The first version (pictured above) was driven mainly by defining intent for keywords and using this in combination with a few other keyword-level metrics to make more informed decisions when selecting keyword targets.

Fast forward to last January (2015) when I released the master keyword research course, that shows how to build a current version of the matrix, including SERP-level data for every ranking URL for each keyword.


The demand for the product has continued to develop as business owners become better educated (and both internal and agency SEO’s are getting better at the process of keyword research).

So after building over 100 matrices for companies of all sizes – we decided to move the product into a web-based version, and build an app around it.

Introducing Sentinel


Sentinel (in its first version) still relies on some 3rd party data, which right now is TermExplorer’s keyword analyzer, but we’re working to bring more data into the tool so it can become a stand-alone data solution.

But for right now, if you provide Sentinel with an CSV or Excel export from TermExplorer’s keyword analyzer, Sentinel will automatically build your keyword matrix for you – including all those juicy opportunity sheets you want; low hanging fruit and low-cost high value terms.

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The first 100 users (regardless of account-level) will get double the number of data rows at no additional cost, forever.

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Nick is the Founder of I'm From The Future. When he's not elbow deep in data, you can find him on the slopes, on his bike, or on the highway.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Sentinel – Keyword Intelligence & Opportunity Tool

    1. Hey Dev –


      The biggest difference is that Sentinel will automatically build your keyword matrix based on the same weighted filters and sorting logic I used to create my original keyword opportunity models and then built my Master Keyword Research course around. For students who’ve run through the course, the average completion time to build your first matrix is ~20 hours – now Sentinel does it for you in a matter of minutes.

      The matrix includes new sheets that represent high value, low cost keyword targets as well as “low hanging fruit terms” that can be targeted with minimal content and links.

      Have you had a chance to give it a try?

    2. Are you guys getting the data from Google or what?

      I always wondered from where these keyword tools really gathered their data…

  1. Nick,
    Great work putting Sentinel together. I’m just signed up for access and am working through the process of seeing how this is all setup. Do you have any training videos for Sentinel yet? Thanks!

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